[FF7 remake]aerith death or revive??

FF7 Remake scheduled to be released in 2020:)

Many people are looking forward to it!

One of the FF7 characters “Aerith”

In the “FF7” released in 1997, Aeris, who died, the players mourned her death.

Will Aeris’ fate change in the “FF7 Remake” released in 2020?

In a commercial released in Japan, you will find information about the fate of Aeris at “FF7 Remake”!

[FF7 remake]aerith death or revive??


Aeris revive route?一 A word that can be commercialized in Japan

This is a full-length commercial for FF7 Remake, released in Japan.

One man says:

“There is no branch route for Aerith!
But that’s the original story of 1997!”

So what is 2020?

It is as if there is a branch route where the Aeris revives.

Aeris revival is pros and cons

May Aeris survive? This is good information for Aerith fans.

But there are some pros and cons about Aerith’s resurrection route.

Actually, you won’t know until you see “FF7 Remake” released.

Do you want Aeris to be back? Or is it destined to die?