How to get to Fushimi Inari shrine[acsess]

How to get to Fushimi Inari shrine[acsess]
Kyoto’s famous sightseeing spot “Fushimi Inari” in Japan
It is a mysterious place where many torii are built.
When you come to Kyoto, it is one of the places you absolutely want to go.

Fushimi Inari is located in the “Fushimi district” in Kyoto.

I will show you directions from Kyoto station to Fushimi-Inari, in an easy-to-understand way.

How to get to Fushimi Inari shrine

How do you recommend from Kyoto station to “Fushimi Inari”?

To go to “Fushimi Inari” from Kyoto Station, there are mainly “taxi” “train” “bus”.

Even if you use a taxi, it will arrive in about 5 minutes.

Let’s get off at “JR Inari Shinkansen” from the eyes of Fushimi Inari Shrine.

The road to Inari shrine is also interesting and enjoyable.

There are trains and buses in public transport. It is recommended that the train go before the Inari shrine’s eyes. If you bought the city bus pass, the bus will be good as well.

How do you go by train?

JR Nara Line

1.Take JR Nara from JR Nara station.

2.Take the train for about 5 minutes and get off at Inari station.

3.From Inari station, we will arrive in about 4 minutes on foot.

How do you go by City Bus

I will take the bus from the bus ride in front of Kyoto station.

C4 stand

[City Bus Minami 5 line(南5)]

[City Bus Express 105 (急行 105)]

The bus ride time is 15 minutes.

Get off at “Inaritaisyamae”.