[HypMic]Manga Release in Japan

[HypMic]Manga  Release in Japan

Hypnosis Microphone

Hypnosis Microphone (HypMic), a male character performs a rap battle with a team of three people. In the world of HypMic, we will fight with lap instead of violence. They start fighting with territory.

Manga Hypnosis Microphone

One year has passed since HypMic was announced in Japan.
Although it was the content centered on CD, December 2018 The sale of cartoons was decided in Japan.

There are three kinds of HypMic’s manga.

It is a topic that the character of each character is different from now and that characters that have not yet released a visual appear.

少年マガジンエッジ 2019年1月号 [2018年12月17日発売] [雑誌]

The story of “The Dirty Dawg”

A story about when I was forming a team in the past of Ramuda, Jakurai, Ichiro, Samatoki.


The story of “Ikebukuro””Yokohama”

The past story of the Ikebukuro team and the Yokohama team

The story of “Shibuya””Shinjuku”

The past story of the Shibuya team and the Shinjuku team