[GinTama]Kagura’s daughter “Kanna”? ! Who is your father

[GinTama]Kagura’s daughter “Kanna”? ! Who is your father
From 670 episodes, the story of two years later has started. Gintama characters who get married and change jobs after two years. Your daughter appeared in Kagura? ? I was surprised at my father! The following is a spoiler from episodes 670 to 674.

[GinTama]Kagura’s daughter, Kanna appears?

The strongest Mutsu brought with me was Kagura’s daughter, Kanna.

Is “Kanna” probably from “Kanna Hashimoto” who played Kagura in the movie?No matter how you look at it, I don’t feel like I was born and grown in two years.

[GinTama]Who is Kanna’s father?

Kanna, the daughter of Kagura. I’m really wondering who my father is.

Is it sogo?

No way …

My father says it’s a “banana”!
It seems that if you eat too much banana and vomit, the kamikaze came out.
It’s insane.

Kagura is not a human being, but an alien called “Yato,” so it’s different from humans, so anything is possible.

He said he was taught by another alien while traveling in space.

She is my daughter, but it seems to be close to division.