【persona5R】persona 5 royal akechi alive?

【persona5R】persona 5 royal akechi alive?
“Persona 5 the Royal (P5R)” scheduled to be released on October 31st. One of the characters, “Akechi Goro”. Akechi is dead on P5. Is there a hidden route and a true end? There were players who searched every corner …

In “Persona 5 The Royal (P5R)”, There are additional scenarios in Akechi!

Please note that it includes spoilers for Persona 5 and Persona 5R.

Akechi Goro in Persona 5

Goro Akechi is a playable character from Persona 5. He is touted by his fans and the media as the second coming of the detective prince (after the first appeared in Persona 4), and is investigating the mysterious Phantom Thieves of Hearts case sensationalizing Japan.

A handsome high school detective! Akechi was a celebrity who was on TV.
He has a negative opinion about the protagonists “Phantom Thief”,
I was visiting around the protagonists.

After waking up to persona ability,
On the condition that the Kaitokai will be dissolved
We will fight with the protagonists.

However, in fact, he is the “executor” of a series of runaway cases,
Hidden child of the unscrupulous politician “Shido” who has a connection with the main character.
It’s indispensable to Shido, eliminating the obstacles for Shido
After his existence, he betrayed Shido by betraying him.

I try to make the hero the criminal of a series of runaway cases,
The operation has been overlooked and failed.
Fighting the protagonists, being only a piece for the lion
Aware that he stopped the enemy at the Shido palace and defended the protagonists’ path and died.

persona 5 royal akechi alive?

In the PV of “Persona 5 The Royal (P5R)”, You can see the appearance of Akechi who fights with the protagonists.

Akechi is a party member on PS5
When joining,
The costume is “white” and the contract persona is “Robin Foot”

But in the new PV of “Persona 5 The Royal (P5R)”
The costume is “black and blue” and the contract persona is “Loki”
Participating in the party after revealing his identity.

You can see that Akechi may join the party even after Shido Palace!

Isn’t Akechi dead on P5R?

We are purchasing and playing the released “Persona 5 The Royal (P5R)”!

Akechi Goro leaves at the Shido Palace just like PS5,
Suddenly alive and appearing on December 24th!

“Persona 5 The Royal (P5R)” Third semester & Akechi Spoilers

In Persona 5, I was asked by Sae to appear tomorrow on December 24th, when I killed Rasvos.

The protagonist who approved the appearance was detained from December 25th to February 13th, so he was only allowed to return home after the Valentine’s Day event for the third semester.

However, at Persona 5 Royal, Akechi will appear on December 24 and appear in place of the protagonist.

Therefore, the main character reaches the end of the year and the beginning of the year without appearing …

The protagonist was able to welcome the new year to Le Blanc, but I feel a lot of discomfort.

・ Morgana is a good-looking person

Futaba mother and spring father Okumura survive

・ Shiho did not commit suicide and did not transfer to another school

It is supposed that there was no painful event for the main characters.

The hero who feels strange.

Akechi, who has been released for some reason, appears there.

Akechi was also one who felt uncomfortable with the current world like the main character.

The two have a cooperative relationship to find the cause of discomfort.

What is the truth for the third semester?

A world where everyone can live happily was due to the power of the Maruki’s persona who was inaugurated as a school counselor at the main character’s school.

Maruki used the power of cognitive research and personas to create a world without regrets and pain.

The protagonists Kaitodan, Akechi, and Yoshizawa deny such a world of Maruki, and challenge to fight Maruki in order to live the reality that they should be.


While capturing Maruki’s palace, the main character is told one truth by Maruki. It was decided that the survival of Akechi was also due to Maruki’s persona ability …

Route to accept the world of Maruki

On the route that accepts Maruki’s world, Akechi will join the members of the Kaito and spend a peaceful time.
Appeared at the graduation ceremony of Makoto and Haru, and declared that he would become a freeter after graduation.
Take pictures with everyone and play chess against the hero.

A route that does not accept the world of Maruki

This is GE.

We deny Maruki’s world and capture Maruki’s palace.

After the collapse of the palace, I noticed that the protagonists in Leblanc and other than Akechi.

The protagonist was Shonen-in, and Akechi was missing.

After that, as with Persona 5, the main character is released and returns to the hometown.

Beyond the window of the train returning home, you can see the boys and men in Akechi uniforms trying to board another train.

[Persona 5R] Does Goro Akechi have a survival route? Summary

In Persona 5R, Akechi after Shido Palace will appear. Its existence was attributed to Maruki’s persona ability, Even after the collapse of Maruki’s palace, the survival of Akechi is scented.