“Lupin the Third” is the last episode …

Did you know that the manga version of “Lupine III” has a “last round”? I think many people have seen Lupine in anime. For anime, there is a final round for each season, The last round of Lupine the Third hasn’t yet happened. But the manga version drawn by the original Monkey Punch teacher is There is a story that seems to be the last round.

About the cartoon version of Lupine III

Lupine III

“Manga Action” serialized from the August 10, 1967 issue (first issue) to the May 22, 1969 issue. All 94 episodes.

The first series to be the original of Lupine.
There are few comical images that we have in Lupine,
A series of hard-boiled, cool lupines.

Lupine III Gaiden (complete reading)

“Manga Action” published on March 26, 1970. This is a complete work set at the Expo. Since the Osaka Expo was actually held in 1970, It can be said that it was a read-out work that matched it.

Lupine the 3rd new adventure

Started serialization in 1971. All 36 episodes.
With the setting of three years after the previous work “Lupin III”,
In the book, the number of episodes has been handed over, and episode 95 has begun.

Animation has begun, and it has become a comical touch street similar to anime.

New Lupine the Third

New Lupine III, serialized in 1977. All 189 episodes + 1 extra episode (excluding unrecorded books). The story begins five years after the previous work. “Lupin III (2nd series)” started in the same year. The final story of this “New Lupine III” “Complete” Is the last episode of shock.


A short series of 4 episodes started in 1984.
Also, the script is not Monkey Punch-sensei.

As the name implies, sexy routes.

New Lupine the Third Prison for Women(complete reading)

“Manga Action” Completed work published in the June 12, 1985 issue

Lupine the 3rd, ALIS PLAUDO (complete reading)

Published in 2006, “Katsushika-ku Kameari Park Mae Police Station” 30th anniversary publication “Super Kochi Kame”
“This is Kameari Park in front of Katsushika Ward” x “Lupine III” Kankichi Ryotsu VS Lupine III

In addition, there are “Lupin” comics written by Mr. Monkey Punch, such as unreleased works and English textbooks
It seems to exist, but some are not available at the moment,
Complete seems to be quite difficult.

Lupine III’s last episode?

New Lupine the

Third: What is the final episode “Ending Endless”?

The final round of the question, “Final”,
Included in New Lupine III, Volume 12.

Attracted by a treasure in a monument, gathering on an island
Lupine family.

Zenigata set up bombs around the island.
What’s more, bombs that blow off the whole island!

As usual Lupine, with their knowledge and power
It is a thing that can escape from the coin form, but the last round is different.

Lupines will not be able to get out of the island without giving up.

Each Lupine family is ready to die.

Fujiko holding her knees and telling the public.

Then, one person, leaving the island, from the ship, pushes the bomb switch,
The Lupine Family blew off the islands.

the end.


New Lupine the Third: Is the Final Story “Endless” a Joke?

Lupine the 3rd, the final round of shock.

In the bonus manga at the end of the book,
Tired of drawing Lupine
There is a comment.

“I did it because I was so nervous.”

Is that the case?

New Lupine III: The final episode “Complete Edition: ENDRESS”
This is the last story in Lupine’s long-term series.

After that, there are also reading etc., but Lupine’s work itself is
Since the time series could be mixed up, it was still alive
It does not prove that …

However, from the comment of the teacher at the end of the book
Black joke by a tired teacher in a long series
I feel like I can take it.

The policy was to catch Lupine without killing it
Inspector Zenigata said that he would explode the whole gang
You can hear the teacher’s feelings while feeling uncomfortable in the episode

“Complete Edition @ENDRESS”
And the mystery says ENDRESS
You can also say “it doesn’t end”.

But on the contrary, “eternal with death”
You can also take like.

Lupine itself, the setting can be fuzzy,
I accept it with the feeling that there may be such an end.