recommended sightseeing spot for anime lovers in Akihabara

Akihabara in Japan is a tourist attraction recommended for animation lovers.

Akihabara was a city of electrical products, but in the past 10 years more shops can enjoy animation, manga and sub culture of Japan.

I will show you what kind of rare shops are in Akihabara. When you come to Japan, please enjoy Akihabara.

maid Cafe

A coffee shop where waitress wearing maid’s costume will serve.

In 2001, it opened for the first time in Akihabara. It is crowded as a shop where you can enjoy “Moe” in Japan.

As an Otaku culture of Akihabara, I’d like to go “Maid Cafe

I will introduce a representative maid cafe.

cure maid cafe

“cure maid cafe” is a maid cafe that opened first. In the maid cafe,

you can relax in the calm shop.

It is also a model of a shop where Minori Minami worked as a character of “Love Live!”.


@home cafe

A maid cafe recommended for beginners. If you want to experience “Moe” here is recommended. You can enjoy a mini game with maid and a menu of maid cafe specialties.


collabo cafe

In Japan there is a “collaboration cafe”, a cafe collaborated with animation.

“Collab Cafe” has collaborated with various manga, animation, game, etc.

Only here, Goods who can not buy, You can enjoy men imagining characters, meals coming out during the work.

Many things are opened for a limited time, Reservations may be necessary in some cases.

A lot of collaborative cafés are held in Akihabara, so please check in Akihabara sightseeing.