Ryo and Vivi still together?[TERRACE HOUSE ]

“Terrace House TOKYO 2019-2020” will be distributed via Netflix. Ryo and Vivi kissed but did not become lovers. After that? Are you still together?

Ryo and Bibi

Basketball player Ryo. Model and actress Vivi. The two met at Terrace House: Tokyo.After meeting each other, the two develop a romance.

Ryo graduated and decided to concentrate on basketball. Ryo and Vivi’s tell each other that they like each other, but Ryo refused to associate because he has a dream of becoming a basketball player in Japan and an actress in Vivi’s US.

Ryo and Vivi still together?

Ryo graduated and thought that love was over.

In episode 34, Bibi says she is in contact with Ryo.

Vivi says she still likes each other.

“If we’ll date or not, decide on Christmas,” She says.

But after that, the Christmas schedule was gone, and I didn’t know what happened to them.

Vivi graduated in 42 episodes. In my graduation interview, he taught me about his relationship with Ryo.

His relationship with Ryo didn’t go well and he blocked Ryo’s Instagram.
Then Ryo blocked the Vivi Line.They don’t seem to be in touch now.

Vivi was thinking about staying in Japan for Ryo.
After graduation, he seems to be preparing for Hollywood.

It’s a pity that the two didn’t become a couple, but I hope you can make your dream come true!