things to do in kyoto <Standard>

things to do in kyoto <Standard>

What sort of city do you go to when you are in sightseeing in Japan?
Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido are also nice.

However, if you want to enjoy traditional Japanese, Kyoto is indispensable.

We introduce classic tourist spots in Kyoto.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Now, “Fushimi Inari” is very popular among tourists from abroad as well as Japanese.

The reason for popularity is the red “Torii” lined with many. People who visit here are all enjoying taking pictures.

You can take good pictures to upload to SNS. By the way,

“Torii” is a building showing the boundary between the place where God lives and the place where human beings live. Mischief is strictly prohibited.


Arashiyama” where many tourists who came to Kyoto visit

There are several shrines and temples in Arashiyama area.

There are also souvenir shops and restaurants for tourists, and restaurants,
You can enjoy various experiences at once.

This area was about 794 CE, Japanese nobles spent as a villa land.
Please feel the beauty of nature and the building which the former Japanese nobles enjoyed.


When I come to Kyoto, I want to see “Kinkakuji”
There is a temple coated with gold leaf.

On sunny days, the building glows and is more beautiful.