things to do in kyoto at night

There are many places where Kyoto sightseeing spots are closed early in the evening.

things to do in kyoto at night?
I will introduce the spot where you can enjoy Kyoto even at night.


A big river flowing through Kyoto City, Kamogawa. It is a popular spot as a walking course of lovers in the local area. How about enjoying the evening in Kyoto while looking at the quiet Kyoto river?
In the summer, there are shops where you can make a terrace on the river and enjoy drinks and meals.


Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine located in Kyoto city.

It is a shrine that has been familiar to people in Kyoto since long ago.

Office offices that sell amulets, etc. are closed in the evening, but in the precincts of the shrine can enter 24 hours. In the evening, it is lighted up and the vermillion building is beautiful. Also,

there are times when stalls and haunted houses are opened depending on the time.

Fushimi Inari

Kyoto’s popular tourist destination,

Fushimi Inari also can enter the precincts for 24 hours.

Again, please note that the office where amulets and omikuji can be held will close in the evening. Fushimi Inari of the night, the red torii is more mysterious than noon. It is a popular spot and there are many people in the daytime, so it is recommended at night.

Kiyomizu Temple


Nijo Castle




Kyoto Tower