Why does Inosuke wear boar mask?face is cute!!

Inosuke, the Demon Slayer character. Introducing the reason why Inosuke wears a mask and Innosuke’s true face.

Why does Inosuke wear boar mask?

Inosuke’s mother was once a believer in “Mansei Gakugaku,” where Doma was the founder.

Inoue’s mother was once a believer in the “Manse Gakugaku” founded by Dorma. Inousuke’s mother, Kotoba, had been violent by her husband and mother-in-law before entering “Manse Gakugaku”.

The place where I ran away was “Manse Gakugaku”. But it wasn’t safe either.Inosuke’s mother realizes that Doma is a demon and escapes his baby, Inosuke.

Inosuke separated from his mother when he was young. It was a boar, not a human, who picked up such Inosuke.Inosuke was a boy raised by a boar!

The boar mask you wear is made of boar skin raised by Inosuke!Inosuke’s mask is a form of parenting.Innosuke’s wild personality is probably because he grew up in the mountains with wild boars!

Inosuke face

Innosuke’s real face is also beautiful!
クリアファイル 鬼滅の刃 森永 嘴平 伊之助

鬼滅の刃 炭治郎 ・ 善逸 ・ 伊之助 集合 B クリアファイル 3ポケット

The face is cute like a girl, but the body is macho!
Zenitsu said, “It’s a bad guy … I’m peeled, but my face looks like a girl …”.